Secrets of Traveling Cheap to Save Money & Time

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What we all love is traveling. It’s the most entertaining activities one can get. Traveling can increase your knowledge and at the same time, it’s super fun.

Although, most people can’t manage to travel a lot because of the time and money issue. Traveling to distant places are expensive. Especially if you are traveling with your kids or family.

In our today’s post, we are going to discuss some of the habits that can save your money while you are on a trip. It will help you to save money for your next destination.

Travel Cheap

01. How to save money on accommodation?

When you are traveling abroad, the most amount is spent on your night stay. You can stay in a cheaper hotel/motel to save some, but mostly you will pay a lot if you haven’t booked at the right time or right place.

Hotel rent can be higher during the peak season and almost down to zero during offseason. Depends on the place and the time of the year.

If you are traveling to Australia, USA or New Zealand you can save by renting a campervan. These are vans rent to tourists and campers. OffCourse, you will need an international driving license for that.

Driving a campervan and staying on it for a couple of nights can easily save your hotel rent. Moreover, you won’t need any extra money for traveling. We recommend you to try this at least once for a lifetime experience.

It’s totally fun and thrilling to live without the room service and make your own food. Then go anywhere you want to go.

Another thing you can do to save on accommodation is traveling overnight. Choose your bus, plane or train ticket at night schedule so you can sleep over in the night and get to the destination in the morning.

If you are traveling with family and kids this is a great thing to do. Also for long distance covering night time is the best to travel. You can sleepover to avoid the boring landscape. Why waste your daytime in traveling and reach your destination at night to pay for only the night?

Now, search your tour guidebook to find out the best train route that offers sleeper couch. If you are traveling to Bangkok, Thailand, or India then you will find some excellent sleeper train to your destination cities.

traveling cheap

In the USA the Silver Meteor is a great option for people traveling to New York to Miami.

Before you book your ticket search the local tourist guidebook or ask any local for help.

Recommendations: Book your hotel via Airbnb, Agoda, Trivago etc. It all depends on where you go and how long you are going to stay. But, do your research thoroughly.

02. Traveling outside the cities can save money

If you have already been some places, then you must know that cities are expensive. Staying in a city hotel is much expensive than staying in the countryside.

Also, most amazing places are not located in the cities. You have to go explore outside your comfort zone.

The National parks in the USA, beaches, and jungles of Asia all are outside of the major cities. Spend more time in there than roaming in the city traffic and posh life. You can meet new people, taste the local food and who knows to make some new friends for a lifetime.

03. Your food habit can cost you or save your money

It doesn’t matter what you eat at your home, try to adjust your food habit when you are in a new place. Finding that sandwich, pizza or burger might cost you extra. Try the local foods instead.

Avoiding costly restaurants for dinner or launch will also save you money for other traveling activities.

Have you ever tried the supermarkets? They offer you cheap foods than the restaurants.

Tim Tams in Australia, Hershey’s in the USA, Seven Eleven in Thailand – try these kinds of places to taste new things and save money. When you are traveling to costly places like Singapore, try the Indian and Pakistani restaurant at the roadside. They have some of the best varieties of Indian food you can’t find anywhere else.

Try beyond your imagination, and you will see how local foods and cafes can surprise you.

If you are traveling with kids then this might seems impossible. Your kids have a food preference and can’t compromise there. You can still buy your own food from the local stores.

If you are camping in another country then cooking your own food saves extra.

Did you know that: Thailand has the most versatile street food in the world and the Philippines and Vietnam might have the best cheap foods in the world?

04. Work for food

This is not a popular thing, but many are doing work during their travel. This can give you an opportunity to stay longer in your destination and cut the expenses of living.

Especially in the Asian part teaching English is a popular job for the European tourist. In some country, you can do other works too and in some, they strictly prohibit the tourist to engage any work for money.

Check the local laws first before you get into any trouble.

If you have a high standard of living even during the travel this advice is not for you. Travelers who can maintain in any situation often get free foods and accommodation via lending a hand.

Be creative and mix with the locals to get to the bottom of their heart. You will find amazing jewel there. A friend, a father, a helping guide.

05. Book your tickets early

The trick with airlines is you have to book early to get a discounted price. Even you can book tickets 6 months before your travel.

Booking early gives you two benefits. You can get a cheap price and get to choose your seat on the plane.

Also, do not travel during the peak and holiday season. Normally everything is high priced in those time. Hotels, buses, trains, airplanes everyone seems to cancel all their discounts during the holiday season.

If you can consider your travel date and place you can travel cheaply. Not getting the ticket for Thailand or Amsterdam this week? Try next week or so. See the price range. You can save money just by delaying your tour time frame.

Also, destination choosing has a huge part to play in here. In holiday season if you are going to visit popular tourist destinations like Paris, Thailand, New York etc. you are definitely going to pay extra for taxi fare, hotel fare and even for food.

Try somewhere else at that time where fewer people are traveling.

In Europe, you can have the cheapest flights. Check out the online booking companies and airlines that gives most discount throughout the year.

If you are traveling from England you can find flights as low as 20 Euro. Isn’t that amazing? Search on websites like, etc.

06. Avoid souvenir shops when abroad

Shopping can be very addictive when you are abroad. You can see souvenirs and other products that are not usual in your local area. Be aware of that, those products are made highly targeted for tourists.

traveling cheap

You may be at Paris for the first time and you will see very attractive replicas and perfumes made only in Paris. We recommend highly not to grab any. This is going to cost you extra.

Buying goods that you do not need can also increase your luggage size. You need to keep your luggage minimum when traveling to avoid the hassle and extra fare for the weights.

If you really need to buy any heavy things and have the budget to buy it. Then pack it send it to your home at a later date when you will be available via post, FedEx or USPS.

Shopping in abroad needs to be very precise and only when you are in need. Try the shops where local people go and avoid the spots made for tourists only. Bargain if the country’s culture accepts it.

Other Travel Tips You Should Follow

  1. Travel light and pack only the things you will need.
  2. Fill up your water bottle from the hotel/hostel you are staying.
  3. Walk – it can save you money and you can enjoy more.
  4. Use the bus or train and avoid taxies or rental cars.
  5. Stay outside the city center.
  6. Try local foods instead of restaurants.
  7. Seek free WiFi and call home with Skype, Viber, WhatsApp etc.
  8. Get cheap travel insurance. It might save you one day.
  9. Google flights can give a damn good idea about your flying expense.
  10. Via Couchsurfing, you can stay for free.
  11. Stay in hostels, they are cheap and safe.
  12. Rent a motorbike or bicycle to roam in the city.
  13. Don’t hire a guide unless you are traveling to Amazon rainforest or places like that.
  14. Use your smartphone for deals, maps, and a pathfinder.

Budget travel is not a myth. Everyone can travel cheap with a proper travel plan. All you need to do is proper planning and learn about the place you are going. In today’s information world, there are plenty of resources online and offline to help you.

Let us know where you want to travel next and what is your travel plan.

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