10 Best USA Airports Based on Passenger Reviews

What makes an airport good or bad from other?

There are many things to consider when the government tries to rate an airport. But, for a traveler, it is quite easy to rate one. There are only a few things a traveler looks at when rating an airport.

These include the hotel booking facility, transportation and obviously the food. Most travelers are ready to fly or leave the airport as soon as they land. There are very few times they wait a long time at the airport unless they are in a transit.

So, if an airport has some of these minimal facilities up to the mark, then a user rates it as good.

How to rate an airport?

In the following infographic by jetcost.com, you will get the name of best 10 USA airports and their facilities, rated according to it’s users.

10 Best USA Airports

Inforgraphics via: Jetcost


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