Whistler: The Self-Healing Windbreaker

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A windbreaker is made with thin, synthetic fabric. It is a lightweight version of a jacket that resists wind and light rain while hiking, biking, camping, and any day tour. Several reputable companies produce great quality windbreakers. One of our favorite and most used by travelers comes from The North Face brand.

Apart from The North Face, who else made great quality windbreakers? There are several to name like, Amazon Essential, Charles River, eb79, and Calvin Klein

There is another interesting windbreaker variation from the Coalatree. They produced an all-in-one windbreaker suitable for every region, terrain, and situation. 

The Whistler Windbreaker is self-healing, featherweight, and functional – in short, it’s the jacket that does it all. Your perfect travel piece, it’s got five pockets for storing your phone, wallet, gloves, and more, plus it’s coated with a DWR application to keep light precipitation at bay. The Whistler will keep you protected from winds while serving as an easy-to-pack layer, from the mountains to the city and beyond.

The interesting fact is their revolutionary HiloTech Self-Healing material. If your windbreaker gets small punctures, this technology helps you to repair it by just rubbing the fabric. The heat and friction from the rubbing work together to make the puncture disappear.

Whistler: The Self-Healing Windbreaker

NO, they are not using nanotechnology here, but we may see nano-tech clothes in the retail shop in the future.

The Whistler Windbreaker is unisex, unlike most other brands. It has enough pockets to put your items while biking in the mountains or hiking in the jungle. 

The simple design might not catch your eyes, but they do what they are advertised for. The main problem with windbreakers is they get old and small punctures over time. But, with the self-healing technology, you can use it longer than other brands.

If you are looking for a lightweight, breathable, compact, and durable windbreaker suitable for any season or terrain, you should check this one.

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