Stainless Steel Insulated Drinking Bottle, Hydro Flask Review

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Hydro Flask Review
  • Ease of Use
  • Durability
  • Design
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  • Price

Hydro Flask 40 oz Review

As a company Hydro Flask always keeps the innovation first. Their bottles are pretty solid build and have a good grip on hand. The 40oz size is perfect for anyone going for a day trip. Although the company has several other sizes and variation with the bottles, we prefer the 40 oz sports size for everyday use. It can keep your cold drink cool for the whole day. As for the hot drinks, the hydro flask can keep your hot beverage hot for around 6 hours. So, our recommendation is Hydro Flask is good enough to keep your cold drinks all day long, for hot drinks it lacks the workability.

Hydro Flask is not a new company. They were founded in 2009 in Bend, Oregon. Over the years the company has built some quality insulated bottles for the general market. In our Hydro Flask Review, we are going to catch up some of the features of their bottles.

Keeping hot liquid hot or cold drinks cold via vacuum technology is not a rocket science. There are several other reputable companies providing the same kind of water bottle in the market. But, none of the mare as popular as Hydro Flask.

Hydro Flask requires extra attention due to their quality and the variety of design they have introduced. Not only their products are colorful, but they also provide safer bottles with great materials.

The company has won many awards for their innovative ideas in the insulated water bottle industry.

When it comes to quality products and user-friendly design you can easily rely on Hydro Flask. They have kids bottle, standard mouth opening bottle and wide mouth opening bottle for different purposes.

Hydro Flask Review

01. Hydro Flask 25 oz Wine Bottle with BPA Free Cap

Hydro Flask 25 oz Wine Bottle with BPA Free Cap

This particular variation of the Hydro Flask bottle is designed to keep your beverage cold for hours. The standard mouth opening is perfect to keep your drink at the same temperature you stored. Mostly this helps with easy pour and pack in your bag.

We have tested the black bottle of 749 ml as advertised on Amazon. The bottle in hand feels great and not so much heavy when empty. The color coating is perfectly finished. Although dropping the bottle from hand and scratches with sharp object might remove the color coating.

General Specs:

  • Food grade stainless steel and BPA free plastic material. Designed for users first.
  • The coating outside of the stainless steel makes it more durable in hand. You can grip firmly.
  • Silicon base under the bottle gives it more surface traction when putting on slippery surface.

The 25 oz size is perfect for storing a 750 ml wine bottle and the stainless steel double wall vacuum technology keeps the drink as it is for hours. The bottle cap is made with BPA free plastic and standard mouth size gives it a better space for cleaning and pouring the drink.


  1. Double wall temp shield gives the liquid perfect safety from heat or cold.
  2. Lifetime warranty.
  3. Leak-proof.
  4. Several color variations.


  1. Haven’t found any.

As a wine bottle or keeping other hard drinks cold for hours, this is great. You can keep your beverage cool for almost 24 hours. This bottle is not recommended for keeping hot drinks. We tested and the resulting time was only 4-5 hours.

02. Hydro Flask Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Sports Water Bottle

This is more likely a general bottle that you can use for almost any purpose. Hydro Flask Sports bottle is designed with a wider opening cap for sports activities. You can keep your hot or cold drink whatever you want.

Hydro Flask Sports bottle

There are three different types of caps that go with the wide mouth opening.

  1. Wide Flex Cap
  2. Wide Straw Lid
  3. Wide Flip Lid

We love the design idea of a wide straw lid cap. This is perfect for sipping hot or cold liquid and you can hold it via the fingertip or clip with your backpack. It’s recommended that you sip only a little when you don’t know the insider content is hot coffee or water.

You can’t feel the warmth or cold from outside the bottle, so be careful about that.

The wide flex cap is perfect if you want to hang the bottle from a hanger or stick. This cap is for opening the bottle cap fully and pour the drink in a cup or directly in your mouth.


  1. Perfect size
  2. Fits perfectly in car cup holder.


  1. Wide Mouth Straw Lid is not leak-proof.

This bottle is recommended for people going to the gym, outdoor activities like hiking, camping or fishing etc. Take your favorite beverage with you and stay hydrated.

Like the other bottles, we have tested this kept the cold liquid cool for 24 hours and we saw still ice melting after 24 hours. As for hot liquid, the max temperature is dropped by 7 degrees after 6 hours.

The idea of the three different types of caps is pretty genius. Mainly designed for carrying cold water for your sports activities. The straw lid might not be leak proof, but it gives you quick access to your water when cycling or in the car.

Hydro Flask Review

We have tested the 32 oz and the 40 oz size variation of the flask. In our test, we assume that the 40 oz is perfect for any person for a days liquid. These two sizes are available with the wider mouth bottles. A perfect companion for your day trip.

The Hydro Straw Lid and Hydro Flip Lid are compatible with all the wider mouth opening bottle. So you can interchange them depending on your choice.

They have more sizes available in the wider mouth opening bottle than the standard class. This would have been great if all the sizes were available in both variations.

A great thing about the company is you can design your own bottle from their site:

Choose your bottle size from the list wider mouth or standard, then choose your cap and color. You can use predefined color for the lid, bottom part, and the main body color. Use your imagination.

Hydro Flask as a company is user-oriented and want to give their best, most of the feedback they have got is positive.

The company stands for their product and provides a lifetime warranty for any faulty unit. Which is a great addition for any water bottle manufacturer.

Suggestions for users:

Although the bottles are pretty firm to grip in hand for their powder-like coating, do not drop the bottle. It might destroy the insulation inside and your bottles performance might hamper.

Do not wash the bottle in a dishwasher, it might put a scratch in the body. We suggest these bottles clean by hand manually. If you are using the bottle for juice and hard drinks, try to clean it after use as soon as you can. If using for water, you can clean the bottle once a week or so.

Check out their website and Amazon to get your preferable size and suitable bottle cap. If you do not like the color just make one from their website.

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