Top 10 Travel Destinations You Must Visit in Your lifetime

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Finding the top 10 travel destinations is not easy. If you are making a bucket list of places you are going to visit, then you will find it pretty confusing. It’s very difficult to choose from thousands of places.

Firstly, there are places that everyone visits and popular for tourism. These are overcrowded places and good for tourists.

Secondly, there are places that not many people go, but popular for its beauty among travelers.

Third, there are breathtaking places that are pretty hard to reach and only a few travelers go there. These are not as popular because reaching there is hard and other tourist facilities are not present.

We have gathered a list of 10 travel destinations you might want to visit in your lifetime. This list is not exclusive, we considered the people’s vote on the web to get the list done.

Top 10 Travel Destinations

01. Norway:

It’s a Scandinavian country composes in vast mountain, glaciers and green horizon like no other country in the world. Early summer is the best time to visit Norway, but you can enjoy the beauty almost at any season.

Most splendid waterfalls, glaciers, green mountain, and picture-perfect landscape makes Norway one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Remember this is the country of the Nordic gods Thor, Odin, Loki etc.

You will love the cities in Norway too, but wait, who goes to Norway to see the cities? Its natural beauty is so breathtaking that you would love to stay away from the urban area.

Norway is a perfect place for photographers to take a vacation.

02. Indonesia

Although Bali is the most famous tourist place in Indonesia, we recommend exploring the other places in the country too. Despite Bali’s breathtaking scenario, Indonesia as a country has much more to offer. Its lust green with kind people makes it a topper in our list.

There is 18,330 island in Indonesia, only 6000 of them are inhabited. A country hosting worlds largest number of active volcanoes, has also got the greatest beaches. Nature can make you sing in here.

Indonesia is prone to natural calamities like earthquake and tornado, before your travel looks after the weather forecast also.

03. Maldives

Maldive is a southeast Asian island country, located in the Indian Ocean. It’s pretty smaller than most people think. Only 90,000 square kilometers and consist of 1192 Coral islands within 26 different atolls. The capital is Male.

The Maldives is not cheaper to travel. First of all, you have to travel a lot of distance to reach there and due to popular tourist attraction, everything here is costly. But, the beauty of the open sea and blue-green sky color reflection in the water will make you a happy person.

A busy person trying to relax under the open sky in an isolated island, that is a perfect example of how you want to spend your days in the Maldives. Maldives private islands are full of luxury you want, but you have to spend enough to get it. There are almost 130 private islands for tourists.

The Maldives is a heaven for tourists who love to spend the time in style.

04. Portugal

Portugal is one of the most visited countries in the world. The kingdom of Portugal was established in the 12th century and lasted 800 years. A country full of history and culture of the classic era.

Portugal contains a great history of the colonial era, a thriving nation then become a republic in 1910. They still maintain a great relationship with Britain as a maritime nation.

Apart from these facts, Portugal is the 5th happiest country according to “Vision of Humanity” global index of happiness.

The beauty of Portugal lies in the Portuguese islands. Stunningly beautiful feels like part of heaven in the calm sea. We can name especially the São Miguel, in the Azores.

Try to stay away from the busy city and roam around the countryside. Go off the line and meet some new people. Portuguese people are one of the best hosts in the world.

The capital of Portugal is Lisbon, cable cars, colorful streets, old church and monastery with modern roads and technology makes it a perfect vacation place on the edge of Europe.

05. India

India is one of the most fascinating places to visit in South East Asia. It is a huge country and we believe that you need a long time to discover all the happiness and beauty of India.

A country that has desert, ocean and Himalayan range as well. Rich in color, culture, history and now technologically advanced. Once India was under the British colonial power like most of Asia, but they got independence 15th August 1947.

Now India is a rising superpower in Asia. Famous for foods, colorful city life and the festivals all around the world. Each Indian city has its own history and style of architectures. All over people are friendly and very helpful to visitors.

Traveling India is cheaper than you can imagine. You can rent a room for a night stay for as low as 10 USD. Even there are places where you can stay for free.

06. Bhutan

We believe Bhutan is the most peaceful country in the world, full of happy people. Nature here is respected as the true mother. Bhutanese gov. even restricts the number of visitors allowed per year in the country. This is so the environment can heal itself.

Bhutan is deep in the Himalayan mountain range with peaceful nature. People are very friendly with a great cultural value. Considering Bhutan, Nepal is a pretty crowded country. The true beauty of Bhutan is in its people and their way of life.

Bhutan is full of monasteries, monks, rivers, mountains and green. The shows great value to their culture and good habit. It is amazingly safe to travel with the family in Bhutan.

As a traveler, you must love Bhutan, but as a tourist, you might not find all the facilities you want.

Amazing fact, Bhutan is not only Carbon neutral, but it’s also a carbon negative country.

07. Morocco, North Africa

Morocco is the crossroad of Europe, Africa & Arabia. The country contains some of the most diverse culture and geography in the world. Although Morocco is a Muslim largest country you can see a fusion of European and Arabian culture in here. The European border is just a few hours away.

Morocco is a fine example of Islamic Africa. The color, smell food and mix of cultural heritage, everything is perfect for an amazing vacation.

08. Belgrade, Serbia

Serbia is European country in Eastern Europe formally known as the Balkan region. Its one of the cheap travel destination for European visitors. Belgrade is the capital of Serbia.

The city is full of modern architecture in a mix with historical fusion. There are two parts of the Belgrade actually one is the old Belgrade and another one is the new one full of tourists. The people of Serbia, in general, are warm-hearted and fun loving.

Many famous Hollywood movies have been shot here, so every time you hear the name Serbia or Belgrade it would ring a bell :).

Amazing fact: World famous scientist NIKOLA TESLA was born in Serbia.

09. Peru

Peru is an amazing destination to visit in Latin America. The Capital is Lima, full of history and colorful culture.

Peru is a mix of European and American style and architecture. People are very friendly and welcoming in their place. Peru is famous for its diversity of nature, culture, food, and people.

From Lima to Cuzco and Machu Picchu, a person has a lot to grab in Peru.

If you go to Peru do not forget to test the Peruvian cuisine.

10. Palawan Island

This spectacular island is located in the Philippines. Philippine as a whole is a beautiful country to explore. You can stay here for months and will never get bored. The Asian people are friendly, it’s less costly to travel and if you stay like a local you can save a lot and learn a lot.

Palawan island is one of the most favored destinations in Philippine. The crystal clear water, coral reef, white beach with transparent water, made it a heaven on earth.


We haven’t included Nepal on this list, but if you are ready to travel India then don’t forget to travel these three countries also – Bhutan, Nepal and Bangladesh.

Nepal and Thailand is almost the must go destination for any traveler who are visiting Asia.

Let us know in the comment box, what is your bucket list and where you want to go next?

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