Japan is a True Beauty!

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Check out these cute fruit-shaped bus stops in Konagai, Nagasaki!

These whimsical waiting sheds come in five juicy fruit varieties: watermelon, strawberry, rockmelon, orange, and tomato. All of these fruits represent the local agricultural specialty of Nagasaki. Located along the tranquil Ariake Sea, the colourful fruits popping up along the road look like a scene straight out of a fairytale. Hop on the local bus and try to catch sight of all the bus stops, or rent a car and drive along the route if you do not want to miss any. Remember to follow traffic rules in Japan when you take photos!

Get up close to the fruits bus stops of Konagai here: Fruit-Shaped Bus Stops(フルーツバステイ)

Breathtaking colors of nature only seen in Japan!

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