10 Most Beautiful Countries in Asia You Must Visit Before You Die

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I have been watching YouTube videos for last 30 hours, all of them were traveling related. Most of the videos were on traveling to Asian countries.

Here, I have selected the 10 most beautiful countries I must visit. Already visited 4 of them though India, Nepal, Malaysia & Thailand. Among the 4 I have visited I think Malaysia is best for having a month vacation.

India is a versatile country. You can find all sort of things there. They have the poor, rich, desert, mountain, ice everything you need to find in a continent.

Nepal is simply a beauty. The people and the landscape is just breath taking. Forest and hills are perfect for tracking. Don’t forget the mountain range.

Women of Vietnam Asia
Women of Vietnam Asia

There are simply a lot to see in Asia. It’s the world’s largest continent covering approximately 30% of the planet’s land area.

The continent is full of many geographic blessings. No other continent in the world boasts greater extremes than Asia.

Asia is the home of culture, religion and mysteries. It’s been said that civilization started from Asia.

It’s really hard to choose the best 10 countries in Asia, each one has it’s own wonder of joy and happiness. However, I tried my best to make a list of 10 most beautiful countries in Asia.

They are not arranged in any order or ranking.

  1. Bhutan
  2. Thailand
  3. Philippines
  4. Maldives
  5. Indonesia
  6. India
  7. Japan
  8. Nepal
  9. Malaysia
  10. Vietnam

So, what is your favorite country in Asia? Did I miss something like China, Iran, Oman, Singapore etc?

Well… the list is made from my choice. I am eager to hear about yours.

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