Travel Insurance, the Basics You Need to Know

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If you are a regular traveler you might have heard about getting a Travel Insurance. In this post, we are going to find some answers that bother the regular travelers and tourists alike. We want to find answers like, do you really need a travel insurance and what is it actually?

We have listed the three most common questions asked by the tourists traveling home or abroad.

  • What is Travel Insurance?
  • Do You Need Travel Insurance?
  • Where to Find Cheap Travel Insurance?

Let’s find out some logical explanation for these questions.

Before we start we want to add a stat here, it has been seen that about 70 to 80 percent of travelers do not have travel insurance. Among the rest, most travelers do not purchase travel insurance regularly.

Travel Insurance

Why is the percentage so low?

  • Most people think buying a travel insurance is not worth it. It can cost more than the risk.
  • Some of them do not have a clear idea about it. And rest of them do not know where to buy a cheap travel insurance that will benefit them.

What is Travel Insurance?

Like any other insurance, travel insurance provides you financial protection against the unexpected things happen when you are traveling. These can be categorized into two main class.

An insurance plan that provides protection against theft, loss, damage to your baggage and other expensive belongings. Most of the time this includes your trip cancellation or delay.
Medical insurance during travel that provides health expense benefits if you fall ill or any accident happens during your trip.

These two travel insurance plan can be combined together or provided as stand-alone policy by different insurance providers. It all depends how much expensive premium you are buying.

On Trip Insurance:

When you take the first plan, you are covered by the company for your loss of luggage and expensive items during the trip. Even some plans can cover you up for delay of your baggage arrive. Like, you have already booked a connecting flight and you can’t wait at the airport for your delayed luggage on the way. If you need to wait they will bear the expense.

If you cancel your trip before your departure, you will be reimbursed the non-refundable portion that you already paid for booking and other things. Although You must have to fall in their rule book. You need to show a valid reason for cancellation.

During the trip, if you need to come back for any valid reason, this can also be covered in the plan. The return expense and stay will be managed in the plan.

Travel Medical Insurance:

By far the most important type of travel insurance is the medical insurance during your trip. It will bear the medical expenses if you fall ill abroad.

There are other accidental things that can happen during your trip. You can break a leg, fever, diseases not known to you before, car accident etc. In these situations, you must take treatment immediately.

These expenses normally are not included in your trip plan budget. So, you might want to consider Travel Medical Insurance if you are planning to travel for longer than a month.

Do You Need Travel Insurance?

The suggestive answer is Yes.

An insurance plan can save you from unwanted things that can happen during your trip. Nobody can guarantee you that nothing bad will happen during your trip. If you can why not better prepare yourself for the unknown.

During your trip outside your home country if you become ill and need emergency evacuation the expense can be really high. In that situation, all your worries are gone if you have taken a travel medical insurance plan.

If somehow you had the money for the difficult situation, there are other things needed to manage like booking transportation, emergency hotel booking, doctors & medicine etc. Most probably this is too much to handle for a single person.

But, if you have the policy bought, let the travel insurance company take care of all the headache.

If you are traveling outside your own country for a longer duration, we recommend you must have travel insurance for an emergency.

Travel Insurance is not mandatory like your car insurance, but this is the backup plan in case your tour plan changes due to some unwanted reason. People traveling with families are most vulnerable during their trip.

There are policy plans like when you are traveling solo, with family and kids, traveling in your own country or outside of the country. International travel insurance plan is different from local travel insurance plan.

Some companies provide continent specific travel insurance. Visiting in Asia is pretty different than visiting Europe.

Carefully review all the terms and condition when you are choosing a travel insurance plan. Choosing the right plan is also mandatory. Plan may include : –

  1. Single Trip Plan
  2. Multiple Trip Plan
  3. Yearly Travel Plan
  4. Solo Travel
  5. Family & Friends
  6. Local Travel
  7. International Travel Insurance Plan etc.

Where to find Cheap Travel Insurance?

People like you and me, we plan a lot for the perfect vacation. Where we will go and how much we will spend on each step. But, unfortunately, we do not see the danger of not having a proper travel insurance.

There is no way to be sure, you won’t be in an accident when hiking in the jungle, surfing in the Caribbean sea or even when you are on a cruise for a week. Who knows what surprises lies ahead? Even think of a simple car accident that might be costly for you.

Travel Insurance

Having a travel insurance might not prevent the accident, but it can compensate you when you are in need. Medical expenses can be pretty high in some countries, it can save your life if you had a travel insurance.

Now, the question is where you can find a suitable travel insurance for you. Most willingly cheap travel insurance that won’t hurt your pocket, but still cover you for any unpleasant situation.

Let’s name some of the best Travel Insurance Company liked by the regular travelers.

01. World Nomads

World Nomads comes at the top of the list when we are talking about budget-friendly travel insurance. They have options for almost all over the world. You can buy the insurance plan from their website and also claim online.

World Nomad is top-ranked by some of the top tour planners including the Lonely Planet.

02. Travelex:

Travelex is our second choice. Their flexible insurance plan protects you from in travel dangers to medical emergencies. With over 50 years of experience, they have one of the best helping lines in the market.

03. Travel Guard: 

Travel Guard has three types of Travel Insurance plan for you. Platinum, Gold, and Silver. They cover global travel assistance 24/7 in the platinum package. Check their packages and select which one suits best for you.

If you want to check the rankings of the Travel Insurance companies, please search through the insuremytrip and squaremouth. Their rating point stands with customer reviews.

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  1. Green Card

    Travel insurance for most travelers is very essential specially when they go on a long trip and having an insurance help them protect their finances. But if you are more concern with your health while traveling you can opt for getting a travel health insurance to cover you healthcare needs or if ever you encounter medical emergency.


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