Flathead Lake, Montana. A Place of Crystal Clear Water.

The name is pretty strange, Flathead. It’s one of the largest natural surface reservoirs in the western USA. Two rivers, Flathead and Swan rivers supply clean fresh water to Flathead Lake year-round.

Approximately 30 miles (50 km) long and 16 miles (25 km) wide, covering 197 square miles (495.9 km²).

The interesting fact is it’s calm and resting water that makes it look like shallow. Although the lake is recorded more than 300ft in depth.

Apart from the breathtaking beauty of Flathead Lake, you can do other activities to enjoy your time there. Fishing is the most popular and boating is normal for people going there all the year round. Check out the bellow pages for more detailed info about the Flathead Lake.

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Flathead Lake, Montana

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