10 Best Travel Money Belt for Men & Women

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Travel money belts are an essential part of your traveling safety accessories. You can travel home or abroad, a safety belt will always help you protect against robbery/snatching. You can carry your most important documents in it the whole day without worrying to lose them.

After asking questions on an open travel forum we have got a positive result that most solo travelers like to carry a travel money belt with them. They carry their passports, tickets, cards, and emergency cash inside it.

Some of these people also carry a purse or moneybag in their pocket. They also think it is a necessary part of their traveling wear to carry a money belt with them. It’s like a backup safety.

We are going to list some of the best travel money belts in this post. Depending on your budget and travel time there is an option for everyone.

Top Picks

Peak Gear Travel Money Belt with RFID BlockPeak Gear Travel Money Belt with RFID BlockBestCheck Price
Raytix RFID Block Travel Money BeltRaytix RFID Block Travel Money BeltBestCheck Price
Alpha Keeper Money BeltAlpha Keeper Money BeltGoodCheck Price
VENTURE 4TH RFID Money BeltVENTURE 4TH RFID Money BeltGoodCheck Price
Alpine Rivers Money BeltAlpine Rivers Money BeltBestCheck Price
EAZYMATE Fashion Running BeltEAZYMATE Fashion Running BeltGoodCheck Price
Eagle Creek Silk Undercover Travel Money BeltEagle Creek Silk Undercover Travel Money BeltBestCheck Price
MoKo Secure Travel Money BeltMoKo Secure Travel Money BeltOKCheck Price
AIKELIDA RFID Blocking Travel WalletAIKELIDA RFID Blocking Travel WalletOKCheck Price
Lewis N. Clark Womens RFID Blocking Stash Neck WalletLewis N. Clark Women’s RFID Blocking Stash Neck WalletGoodCheck Price

01. Peak Gear Travel Money Belt with RFID Block

Peak Gear’s RFID Block money belt is made with nylon. This is the best part we like about it. Most of the time the leather or semi leather belts tend to tear up and feel heavy on your waist, but nylon is a lighter fabric, foldable, and very much strong.

The bag features two main compartments with several organizing pockets. You can hold up to 2 passports and several bank cards inside it. Pockets available for your cards and documents too. The RFID blocking tech is seamlessly integrated inside the fabric wall, so no need to worry about electronic theft.

The waist belt is flexible, double bucks included, and soft. You can wear the belt for a long time under your shirt or jacket in any climate without discomfort. The bag’s nylon fabric is waterproof so your documents are safe from water spillage and rain.

The bonus part is the bag comes with $250 Theft Insurance if items are stolen. Peak Gear also partnered with ReturnMe. They are the world’s largest lost & found company. You can get 2 free Global Recovery Decals ($8 value).

All in one this is a budget-friendly, strong safety money belt you can depend on your next travel.

02. Raytix RFID Block Travel Money Belt

The bag is made with waterproof ripstop nylon, high-quality sewing, and a swift zipper. This is one of the favorite and most bought money belts of travelers. The bag looks pretty stylish too. If you are asking for quality then it is the best in this price range.

If you are looking for a thinner bag that gives you comfort while you wear it then look no further than this travel money belt. The soft and reliable fabric, RFID blocking tech, double-release safety buckles, and thin money belt is perfect for any long or short travel.

03. Alpha Keeper Money Belt

Alpha Keeper money belt is built with nylon fabrics, it is water-resistant. So, you can’t get into showering rain wearing the belt. The money belt features one large main compartment, one small compartment, and a mesh back pocket only accessible when you lose the waist belt. 

What we love about this belt is a three-layer of RFID blocking tech, although you are getting 7 pockets of RFID blocking tech inside. The waist belt stretches up to 55 inches and includes a good double release buckle strap.

Regular travelers or commuters can easily use this money belt for their daily use. You can hold your passport, tickets, cards, cash inside it. The main compartment is large enough to put a smartphone inside.

The sewing is pretty strong and the zipper is made of aluminum metal. That means you do not need to take it off while passing security (unless you are told to).

The Alpha Keeper money belt is thin in structure. You can’t load with a lot of things. Overall this one is a lovely travel money belt for both men and women.

4. VENTURE 4TH RFID Money Belt


VENTURE 4TH RFID Money Belt is a superb one on our list. It is made with 210D Rip-Stop Nylon and mesh materials. The money belt is soft on the skin, minimalist design and you can wear it in any weather without sweating.

The waist belt stretches up to 56 inches and when you are wearing it you won’t feel any discomfort. This super flexible money belt is suitable for walking, running, and any other activities during a long trip. You won’t feel anything heavy on your waist. One money belt that can last a lifetime.

5. Alpine Rivers Money Belt

If you consider the design this is not unique. There are two zippers in front of the Alpine Rivers Money belt and it is made with water-resistant nylon fabrics. The built quality is strong yet the fabric is soft on the skin. This breathable fabric can keep you comfortable for the whole day. 

The money belt is fully built to block RFID tracking. So, all your credentials and electronic documents are safe.

What we love about this belt is the 210D ripstop nylon built, high-quality YKK zippers, reinforced stitching, and the lighter and thinner outlook. You can easily wear it under your shirt and nobody will notice the money belt. A good choice for regular commuters.

6. EAZYMATE Fashion Running Belt

If you are not looking for the regular money belt that we mentioned above then this is the one you should check. This is stylish and looks really like a yoga or running belt. Although it does more than just a running belt. When you wear this, the belt shape automatically matches with your pant top and seems like you are wearing nothing short of a money belt.

The belt design is focused on women only. The EAZYMATE fashion belt is made with a microfiber high-quality blend of Spandex Lycra material. A considerable amount of cards, documents, and passports can be held in it. Sweating is not a problem as the fiber is breathable and it stretches swiftly with your waist size.

There are two zipper closure pockets so you do not lose any small items like earphones, keys, or coins.

The company believes in quality and assures the comfortability of its users. If you do not like it return it without a question. They also provide a one year warranty. 

One downside, it has no RFID protection.

7. Eagle Creek Silk Undercover Travel Money Belt

Eagle Creek has a good reputation for providing great quality products. The Silk Undercover money belt is such a product you need to include in your packing list.

It’s lightweight, slim, and feels smooth over your skin. Most people do not wear money belts under their shirts because they do not feel the comfort of it while in warmer weather. Try the Silk from Eagle Creek, you are going to love the smoothness in hot and humid conditions.

You can hide a 6-inch smartphone in the main compartment, but we do not recommend it. The bag is made for your passport, cards, and cash only. They have a good replacement policy for faulty units too.

Overall this is a simple bag designed for travel-minded people. What we do not like is there is no RFID blocking tech included. It is sweat-resistant, but not waterproof. 

8. MoKo Secure Travel Money Belt

Moko’s travel money belt is praised for its lighter design and cheap price. If you are looking for a budget-friendly money belt, yet a good one to feel comfy while wearing it, then MOKO should be your first choice.

Made with nylon fabric and includes RFID blocking tech. This won’t feel like the silk on your skin, but it works like a security box on your waist. Three pockets with strong zippers made with 210D rip-stop water-resistant nylon and flexible waist elastic straps. 

The belt is super strong and you can’t tear it easily. A good product for less price.

9. AIKELIDA RFID Blocking Travel Wallet

A budget-friendly money belt with RFID blocking tech attached is what every traveler would like. AIKELIDA travel wallet is made with nylon fabric, it is water-resistant, lightweight and a slim design to wear under your shirt.

There is a soft breathable mesh behind the bag, so it doesn’t feel uncomfortable while wearing it. We have to consider that in this price range it is almost impossible to get another comparable one that includes all the features like this.

10. Lewis N. Clark Stash Neck Wallet

Those who are not a big fan of the travel money belt can check this Lewis N. Clark Neck Wallet. You can wear it on your neck and put it under your shirt. Safe like any other money belt and yet more accessible.

You can always feel the presence of your wallet over your chest. It has 4 pockets with RFID blocking tech included. You can put your passports, cash, cards, tickets while traveling and nobody will notice a thing.

The polyester material it is made with is resistant to moisture, odor, mildew, and shrinking. You can easily wear it the whole day without anyone noticing. This is a safety pocket over your chest.

How to Choose the Best Travel Money Belt?

You will find there are plenty of options in the market when you will look for the best travel money belt. Some are pricey and some are cheap, some companies stand behind their products and some are there only to make a profit.

Then how are you going to buy the best money belt for your safe travel? Here are some of the points you need to keep in mind before you order your first travel money belt.

Your activities during travel

What kind of traveler or tourist you are will define what kind of bag you need. Some bags are solely made for carrying cash and cards only. Whereas some travel pouch can hold your keys, mobile phone, passport, and cards too.

On the travel money belt list we mentioned above, some are very discrete so no one will notice you have something hidden. Those bags are for wearing under your shirt. There is also money belts or pouches you need to wear over your shirt.

Also, The place you are going will define how much secrecy you need. If you are staying in a 5-star hotel they have their safety in almost every room, so you do not need to worry about important docs. But, in some countries and places, you need to carry them with you all the time.

Some people run all day long and they need a stronger and snuggly waist belt. For others who travel to cities and malls can wear a neckband pouch. It all depends on your activity during traveling.


This is one considerable point you should notice while buying a travel money belt. Money belts or pouches are meant to wear for a longer time and most of them touch your skin while you sweat. So the fabric should be breathable mesh or something that won’t irritate your skin. 

We do not like the leather money belt as they tend to sweat a lot and don’t last longer in warmer climates. Waterproof /resistant nylon fabric is our first choice. They are stronger and lighter to carry.


The color of your money belt shouldn’t attract the snatchers. If you are wearing it under your shirt then this doesn’t matter. We recommend normal discrete colors like offwhite, grey, ash, black. This is all up to you. Just don’t buy a yellow or red money belt for traveling.

Waterproof / Moisture-Wicking

If you are going to places where there will be rain or have high moisture, then choose a travel money belt with waterproof capacity. This will not only save your cash or documents, but you can put your mobile too in the event of a storm or rain.

Security Features

The most important features of a money belt are how secure it is during your travel. Although most money belt these days comes with RFID protection and we also think that it is a bonus feature, but in real life trying to steal your data in a busy shopping mall or restaurant via RFID is almost impossible. A person physically needs to be very close to you to get this data. Which is a security risk for them.

There is another easy way to get people’s credit cards and passport info for hackers. They can buy it online for less price. Still, there is no problem in being precautious. 

Look for hidden pockets and the seams and zipper quality, how strong the fabrics are while buying a money belt. Also how strong the waist belt fits, these are the things that will save you in the worst scenario.

The weight of a money belt also should be considered, but it is seen that money belts are naturally lightweight. You need to be careful not to stuff with a lot of things. Remember, the money belt carries your most important docs and backup cash. You do not need to open it everywhere unless you feel it is safe.

Investing a few bucks in a good quality money belt will save you from a lot of hassle in a foreign land.

Things to Know

Are money belts safe from pickpockets or snatchers?

Obviously! Your money belt is hidden under your shirt or jacket and most of the time you are feeling its presence over your waist. It is pretty hard for anyone to pickpocket you without alerting you.

Can I use a money belt for regular commuting? 

Sure, it is like having a weightless pocket that is safe more than your usual purse or side bag.

Which is better neck wallet or money belt?

Depends on your choice. Money belts are more secure, but a neck wallet gives you quick access to your belongings.

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