Save on Gas with these Money Saving Driving Habits

Would you like to save money when you drive? This may sound contradictory, but there are certain things you can do when driving that will cut down on expenses. Read the following tips and see how you can utilize them in your life in order to hang onto valuable dollars.

save gas

Keep your car in good condition

  • Keep your car in good running condition. Have maintenance done on a regular basis, and repair your vehicle as needed.
  • Use the proper type of fuel for your automobile.
  • The tires on your car should always be properly inflated. Low tire pressure will create more road friction, thus using a greater amount of fuel.

Practice safe driving

  • You should use common sense and good judgment when you drive. Obey the speed limits. Not only will this safe driving practice eliminate speeding tickets, it will also save on gas.
  • Accelerate more slowly. If you step on the gas pedal when you start up from a stopped position or when you are trying to reach a certain speed, you will use more fuel. Learn to accelerate more slowly. It is also easier on your automobile.

Work with others to cut down on driving

  • If you can carpool to work, this is one way that you can save on driving expenses. You may want to work out a schedule with others and alternate when various cars are used to get back and forth to work. Carpooling can also be useful for getting the children to and from school and different activities that they may need to attend.
  • Public transportation, if available, can be used for trips that otherwise might involve driving. You can save on gas and also have less wear and tear on your vehicle.

Get exercise

  • For short trips, you may want to walk rather than use your car. Walking is wonderful exercise, and you will be helping to keep yourself healthy as well as cutting down on driving expenses with this practice.

Plan your trips

  • For those trips that are farther away where you will need to use your vehicle, plan out the route you will take beforehand. If you will be traveling in unfamiliar territory, make certain that you know the routes you should take in order to avoid getting lost. If you have a GPS, you will certainly want to use it. Remember that when you travel on main roads and highways that do not involve a good deal of accelerating and decelerating, you will be saving money on the amount of fuel that you will need to use.

Get errands done in one trip

  • When you are able, get as many errands accomplished in one trip as possible. This will save you from having to make repeated trips and will prevent your engine from cooling down between trips, which uses less gas. A warm engine burns fuel more efficiently.

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